Norwegian Naval Exercise Flotex: Operating in the High North


2015-12-11 According to an article on the Norwegian Ministry of Defense website:

Norway’s naval exercise Flotex might be the most beautiful of all military exercises, at least when it comes to surroundings. 

The annual naval exercise is held every autumn, and this year in Northern Norway’s breath-taking landscape of fjords, mountains and, of course, the northern lights.  

Most of the Navy’s capacities are taking part, including corvettes, support vessels, frigates and submarines. In addition, rangers from the Coastal Ranger Command participate with their fast assault craft, Combat Boat 90.  

The exercise started 10 November and will continue throughout this week.

The aim is to train all naval departments in planning and executing tactical operations at sea.

“Another aim is to build naval battle force, and to demonstrate visible and credible military presence in our northern seas”, says Head of Navy, Commodore Ole Morten Sandquist.​​ 

This year, the Norwegian Navy will spend about 40 per cent of its sailing hours in Northern Norway.

This percentage will remain at the same level next year.

“Northern Norway is essential for the Navy, and our presence in the north is important. I believe that it creates stability in the area”, says the Head of Navy.

The exercise used to be three separate exercises: “Flotex” – a navy exercise, “Falcon Silver” – an air force exercise and “Rein” – an exercise for ground forces.

The aim of the exercise is to practice procedures, interaction and a common understanding of the situation between the different land, naval and air units. Systems for network-based defense (NBF) will be tested and all branches will be conducting live firing.

It is clear that only an integrated three-dimensional force can provide for the defense and security of Norway in the High North.

The slideshow highlights both Norwegian forces and the spectacular setting within which the exercise is conducted.

  1. The participants of the exercise have seen a lot of Northern Norway’s famous aurora borealis, or northern lights. Here captured from on board the corvette “Storm”.
  2. An aircraft high over the fjord, getting ready for a simulated missile attack on one of the Navy’s vessels.
  3. The Frigate “Roald Amundsen” in sunset.
  4. Forces from the Marine sailing in formation out of the Ofot Fjord.
  5. The corvette “Skjold” sailing in the sunset.
  6. The Marine sailing out of the Ofot Fjord, accompanied by two P-3C Orion naval patrol aircrafts.
  7. Naval Rangers conduct a parachute jump from a C-130J Hercules.
  8. Two Skjold-class corvettes are leaving Bodø. In the background, a civilian passenger plane from Norwegian Air Shuttle is in for landing.
  9. Some of the Navy’s vessels at Bodø harbour. The corvettes “Skjold” and “Storm” are some of the fastest naval vessels in the world.
  10. The coastal corvette “Skjold” in action.
  11. The Coastal Ranger Command and their Combat Boat 90 on their way out from the naval base in Ramsund, Northern Norway.
  12. Minesweeper “Rauma” and the submarine “Utvær” during exercise Flotex.
  13. Commanding Officer on board the frigate “Roald Amundsen”, Eivind Kvalvåg, and his deputy commander are ready for exercise Flotex.