RAF Lossiemouth Special Report: November 2016


2016-11-20 A new Special Report highlights perspectives from the operators at RAF Lossiemouth.

The Royal Air Force is in transition as the Tornado is retired, the Typhoon is modernized and the P-8 and F-35 are introduced.

Infrastructure of key bases is being modernized as well.

This transition as seen by officers involved in the operation and support of combat aircraft at RAF Lossiemouth is presented in this report.

In effect, Lossie will train to support the formation and evolution of a 21st century combat force in which a multi-mission combat fleet of Typhoons will work with the maritime-focused but land-based capable maritime combat system which is the P-8 (which will be based at RAF Lossiemouth), and which, in turn, will work with the multi-tasking flying combat system which is the F-35 which will be based at RAF Marham.

It is clear that the base is well positioned to support the evolving dynamics of defense, not only for the UK homeland, but to provide a solid anchor within the defense system for the North Atlantic.

We start with the first interview with Group Captain Paul Godfrey, the base commander with regard to his perspective concerning the evolution of the base in preparing for the RAF airpower transition.

We will then present interviews, which look at the coming retirement of the Tornado, its legacy and its contribution to the transition as well.

We will then look at the Typhoon and its key role for the RAF, in Quick Reaction Alerts, Operation Shader and in the Baltic Air Patrol.

Insights are provided by interviews with the 1 (F) Squadron, 2 (AC) Squadron, and those charged with the responsibility of maintaining and supporting the Typhoon fleet at Lossie and in its expeditionary operations, which include deployments to the Falklands as well.

Next is an interview with an officer involved in keeping the skill sets alive while waiting for the P-8, which highlights how the RAF is handling a very difficult transition, namely, the retirement of the Nimrod PRIOR to receiving a replacement aircraft.

The final RAF Lossiemouth interview is one a second interview with Group Captain Paul Godfrey, who highlighted the challenges and opportunities of shaping RAF transformation as seen from a key operating base for the RAF.

RAF Lossiemouth Special Report