South Korean 10th Fighter Wing Exercises Rapid Generation of Sorties


2016-12-02 According to a story written by Sang-Yun Kim and published on the South Korean Ministry of Defence website, the 10th Fighter Wing participated in a recent exercise for rapid response in a crisis.

10th Air Force Fighter Wing (hereinafter referred to as 10th FW) had a Practice Generation for the rapid sortie of F-5 fighter during times of war as part of the Operation Readiness Exercise (ORE) held on November 22.


The training was conducted urgently under the assumption of an enemy air raid.

An armed mechanic, a group of four, rapidly equipped an F-5 fighter with the maximum number of arms, such as air-to-air missiles, air-to-ground bombs, etc., within the given time limit.

The Practice Generation is a training program to equip the maximum number of operable arms to fighters rapidly and accurately in the case of an emergency combat sortie.

In particular, the 10th FW, as a part of the core air force group responsible for airspace protection over the capital city, has been executing practice generations regularly in order to assure a rapid sortie in times of war.

Lieutenant Yun Ju-hoe, 207 maintenance company commander, said, “Our rapid sally back when an enemy makes an air raid is a key to the success of operation. Through repetitive training of armed soldiers, we will raise the degree of completion of reaction posture.“