Reshaping Norwegian Defense: A New Special Report


2017-02-26 In our latest Special Report we look at Norwegian defense modernization and its imapcts.

With the modernization of Russian forces and with the skillful use of those forces to pursue specific and targeted objectives by Putin, Norway faces the challenge of crafting a national defense strategy for the 21st strategy.

Putin’s Russia is crafting leveraged military power, or put simply, Putin thinks through his use of military power and designs limited objectives to achieve what he considers in the best interest of Russia.

This means that Norway faces a double challenge: how to defend Norway against such a threat and how to work with allies who are not very good at designing limited objectives for the use of military power.

Norway’s allies are all in transition: Brexit Britain, Trump America, and an uncertain European Union with new leadership coming in France and with Germany with both those nations facing significant uncertainty about their economic, political and security futures.

The allied side is clearly a work in progress with much uncertainty surrounding the way ahead and the interaction between these allies and Russia creates another dynamic and uncertainty.

Presentations and meeting surrounding the recent Norwegian Airpower Conference highlighted key elements of change, which are perceived to be necessary.

The conference was focused on the F-35 but perhaps 15% of the content discussed the asset – everything else was on the reset of national defense and the F-35 as well as other assets were discussed in that context.

National, allied and partner exercises are viewed as crucial means to shape new ways ahead, and there was a clear sense that finding ways to more effectively train for high intensity operations was increasingly important.

The Norwegians see the changes with the UK forces and the US forces as key opportunities to shape new ways ahead, and with the Dutch and Danes flying the same aircraft, opportunities as well here.

And working with Sweden and Finland is crucial and to find ways for Norway to shape a defense concept, which can reach back to the UK, and forward to Finland and integrate everything in between is crucial to the defense and independence of Norway.

Clearly, we are in times of fundamental change.

The Norwegians are among the core allies who take the challenge seriously and are working a way ahead both for themselves and their friends and allies.

Shaping a Way Ahead for Norwegian Defense

This special report looks at reshaping of Norwegian defense and its impacts.