ATK and Building Composite Parts for the F-35


2017-10-28 Earlier this Fall, it was announced by Northrop Grumman that they intended to acquire Orbital ATK. It was noted at the time by Doug Cameron writing in the Wall Street Journal that:

Northrop’s proposed $7.8 billion acquisition of Orbital, announced Monday, would help Northrop to produce and launch large and small spy and communications satellites and develop new high-speed weapons and missile-defense systems to deter potential adversaries such as Russia, China and North Korea

Although this aspect makes sense, it should also be noted ATK’s key role in the production of composite parts, and with Northrop Grumman to build the new bomber having such capability within the company makes a great deal of sense.

ATK is one of the major suppliers of composites in the production of the F-35.

According to an October 24, 2017 story by UPI and written by Richard Tomkins, the ATK role in producing composite parts for the F-35 is expanding as well.

Oct. 24 (UPI) — Orbital ATK said Tuesday it has been tapped to produce additional composite components for Lockheed Martin’s F-35 Lightning IIfighters.

The requested components are F-35 bullnose and blade seals, the Virginia-based company said in a release. The company already makes upper and lower wing skins, engine nacelles and access covers for the aircraft.

The contract is for three years and is worth $24 million, Orbital ATK said.

“Orbital ATK excels at providing advanced composite structures that require robust manufacturing processes to affordably fit our customer’s needs,” Steve Earl, vice president and general manager of Orbital ATK’s Aerospace Structures Division, said in a statement. “We are pleased Lockheed Martin is entrusting us with additional work on the most advanced combat aircraft in the world – the F-35 Lightning II.”

Workers will make the products at Orbital ATK’s facility in Clearfield, Utah