The F-35 Engine Removal and Installation (R&I) Mobility Trailer


The F-35 as a 21st century air platform has a number of innovations built into the aircraft and the overall air system to facilitate more effective maintenance and sustainability.

One example is the Engine Removal and Installation (R&I) Mobility Trailer built in Australia for the F-35 global enterprise.

According to the Australian manufacturer for the Engine Removal and Installation (R&I) Mobility Trailer:

Marand is Australia’s leading end-to-end supplier of complex aerospace ground support equipment (GSE), from design to manufacture and through life sustainment.

Our expertise is built on decades of success in designing and building GSE products for airlines and more recently, our involvement with the high level JSF/F-35 global defence program.

Working closely with Lockheed Martin over several years, Marand has become the global supplier of the F-35 Engine Removal and Installation (R&I) Mobility Trailer and has delivered over 40 of the estimated 300 required over the next 20 years.

To date and for the foreseeable future, all Pratt & Whitney F135 engines that are installed or removed from F35 aircraft will utilise a Marand designed and manufactured R&I Trailer.

This very sophisticated Trailer allows engines to be installed in any environment and under any conditions, including on an aircraft carrier in high sea states, with the support of just two personnel and with no external power, whilst providing absolute safety and security for personnel and the airplane.

Marand also provides servicing and spare parts for the F35 R&I Trailer, with most of the manufactured components that comprise each Trailer being made in our Geelong factory and assembled and tested at our state-of-the-art facility in Moorabbin.

Manufacturing is supported by a well-developed lean supply chain locally and in the US. 

Marand’s expertise, leveraged off years of designing support equipment for the auto and rail sectors, has consistently shows its ability to address airplane sustainment issues that require complex support equipment to provide the most cost effective, safe and quick turnaround solution.

The slideshow highlights No 3 Squadron Aircraft Technicians connecting the F-35 Engine Removal and Installation Mobility Trailer to a tow motor at RAAF Base Williamtown, March 3, 2019.