A UK Military Response to COVID-19: RAF Helo Support


Recently, three RAF Puma helicopters have been dispatched to Kinloss barracks in Moray, Scotland.

They are there to be able to respond to COVID-19 incidents throughout Scotland.

According to a May 1, 2020 story by David Mackay published by the Press and Journal:

“One of the Pumas at Kinloss Barracks has been tasked specifically for medical evacuations with one for transporting supplies and another on standby.

“The aircraft has been selected for the task because it can land in small locations with less disruption from the blades while still being able to carry two stretchers and a medical crew.

“A support crew of 56 personnel have travelled to the Army base in Moray from Oxfordshire for the mission.

“Squadron Leader Johnny Longland, the Puma detachment commander, explained the recent training in the Western Isles has involved several agencies.

“He said: “We have paramedics from the islands working with our crewmen to look at how they can integrate their equipment with the Puma.

“NHS Scotland and coastguard teams of paramedics, clinicians and planners were primarily looking at how they can put stretchers in the back of the aircraft and continue to perform their essential care for the patient.”