Iran and Its Intentions: Let Us Model a US Aircraft Carrier for Target Practice


In a June 10, 2020 article by Richard Spencer of the London Times, their Middle East Correspondent, highlighted how Iran was building out its way ahead for dealing with the Untied States.

Why not build a model of a Nimitz class American carrier for target practice?

“Iran’s Revolutionary Guard has built a fake American aircraft carrier and moored it at the entrance to the Gulf, according to satellite pictures.

“The presence and purpose of the carrier, which also has 16 fake fighter jets parked on its landing deck, have not been confirmed by officials.

“It may be used as part of military exercises to shore up domestic morale that has been hit hard by sanctions, poverty and the Middle East’s worst outbreak of coronavirus. Five years ago a previous mocked-up carrier was attacked and sunk for the cameras by missiles after being used as a test target.

“The Guard and regime hardliners are attempting to maintain anti-American fervour during one of the bleakest periods of the Islamic Republic’s recent history.”

The featured photo shows the fake carrier with 16 fake jets and is credit to AP.