Training for the High-End Fight: The Strategic Shift of the 2020’s


We are pleased to announce our new book, Training for the High-End Fight: The Strategic Shift of the 2020s. 

Training for the High-End Fight highlights the essential strategic shift for the U.S. and allied militaries from land wars in the Middle East to the return of great power competition.

The primary challenge of this strategic shift will be the need to operate a full spectrum crisis management force.

That means training a force capable of delivering the desired combat and crisis management effect in dealing with 21st century authoritarian powers.

This reset in combat approach is pivotal to enhancing our escalation management skills and for protecting the liberal democracies against 21st century authoritarian powers.

Informed by interviews with officers at a number of U.S. war fighting training centers, the focus is upon the future of 21st Century combat, and how our forces are preparing for it.

This book can be purchased in e-book form on a number of global booksellers, including Amazon’s global sites.

It can also be purchased off our website at a 30% discount.

The book will appear in paperback at the end of March as well.

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Training for the High End Fight: The Strategic Shift of the 2020s