An Update on B-2s Engaged in Training with the RAAF


n an Australian Department of Defence article published on July 11, 2022, the arrival of B-2 aircraft to Amberley airbase was highlighted.

B-2 Spirit bomber aircraft from the Pacific Air Forces (PACAF) will be visiting RAAF Base Amberley this month as part of the Enhanced Air Cooperation (EAC) initiative.

Several PACAF KC-135 Stratotanker aircraft will be supporting the B-2 Spirit aircraft, providing refuelling capability for the visiting bomber aircraft while they integrate with the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) to conduct various training exercises and activities.

The EAC initiative commenced in February 2017 to build on a broad range of long-standing air exercises and training activities undertaken between Australia and the United States.

EAC aims to deepen advanced air-to-air integration between the Australian Defence Force and United States air elements to enable the two countries to operate together seamlessly. The EAC initiative has been operating successfully for several years as one of the United States Force Posture Initiatives.

EAC also provides opportunities for Australia and the United States to enhance engagement with regional partner air forces through exercises and training activities.

The RAAF welcomes the visiting aircraft and personnel and looks forward to working with them during this activity.

Now the B-2 is now operating over Base Curtin in WA as part of Koolendong 22, a combined U.S.-Australian training exercise.

The first three photos in the slideshow below show USAF released photos showing the B-2s flying with RAAF F-35s. the remaining four photos show the B-2 at Amberley Airbase.

And the video below, shows the preparation prior to launch of the B-2s from Amberley to perform its bomber task force mission.


Video by Airman 1st Class Devan Halstead 

509th Bomb Wing Public Affairs

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