Finns Train with Estonian Forces


Finnish troops teamed up with Estonia’s Scouts Battalion for Exercise Siil 22, a national defence exercise that tests the readiness of Estonian forces Synopsis Finnish troops are working side by side with the Estonian Army for Exercise Siil 22, a semi-annual exercise designed to test the readiness of the Estonian Defence Forces.

Named after the Estonian word for hedgehog – a small forest animal that packs a potent defence – Siil brought more than 200 Finnish infantry and engineer soldiers from the Pori Brigade to southern Estonia, where they integrated with the Estonian Scouts Battalion.

Working under an integrated command, Finnish and Estonian troops played the aggressor force, launching simulated attacks against Estonian defenders. Siil 22 saw the participation of 15,000 troops from 10 NATO Allies and partners.

A long-time NATO partner and frequent participant in NATO and Allied exercises, Finland applied for NATO membership in May 2022.