The Australian F-35 Decision and the German Tornado Replacement Decision

By Robbin Laird Having just returned from my latest trip to Germany to discuss the significant challenge facing Germany in shaping a credible force to provide for its direct defense and to contribute effectively to NATO’s overall collective defense, it is clear that for the near to mid term the…

The Challenge Facing a German Reset on Direct Defense: The Perspective of Lt. General (Retired) Klaus-Peter Stieglitz

By Robbin Laird I first had the opportunity to meet Lt. General (Retired) Klaus-Peter Stieglitz, a former German Air Chief, last Fall in Berlin at the International Fighter Conference. During my visit to Germany in February 2019, where I was continuing my look at the challenge of building a 21st…

Remembering HMS Endeavour and the Captain Cook Voyages: The Australian Government Weighs In

With the usual controversy surrounding Australia National Day, it can be neglected to note the coming of the HMB Endeavour to mark the 250th Anniversary of Captain James Cook to Australia to be held in 2020. According to a press release from the Prime Minister of Australia's office on January…

Celebrating Australian National Day, 2019: Putting History Into Perspective

By Robbin Laird The slideshow contained in this article shows the formal celebration of Australian National Day held on the 26thof January. The day marks the arrival of the first fleet to Australia. The day honors the arrival of the British first fleet in Botany Bay on January 24, 1788.…

Russian and Chinese Update, January 2019

This weekly update includes articles published over the last 90 days on Second Line of Defense and Defense Information with regard to Russia and China. [pdf-embedder url="" title="An Update on Russia and China"] And for an E-Book version, see the following:

Russia, China and Collaborative Actions: An Alliance in the Making

By Stephen Blank A virtual flood of studies and articles continues to appear concerning Russo-Chinese relations.[i] Although the expert consensus remains that no alliance or no formal alliance between Russia and China exists despite their visibly growing intimacy; I would dispute that finding.[ii] Indeed, Moscow keeps inventing euphemisms to disguise…

Brexit and Identity Politics: A Case Study of Globalization in Flux

By Kenneth Maxwell On January 15, 2019, the British prime minister, Mrs Theresa May, suffered the greatest parliamentary defeat in British history when members of the House of Commons voted 432 to 202 to kill her BREXIT deal which sets out the terms of Britain’s exit from the EU on…

Germany, Direct Defense and Reshaping Coalitions

By Robbin Laird Recently, I wrote a review of the outstanding book by Sir Paul Lever which examines Germany’s role in Europe and the challenges facing Germany as it shapes its role ahead. His argument is straightforward – the European Union reflects the values and interests of Germany and weaves…