C-17 Maintainers

06/07/2011 - Aircraft breakdowns can interrupt operations. Staff Sgt. Charles McNamara tells us about a stand by team downrange who helps keep aircraft moving.The C-17 has an excellent maintainence record, in large part due to the acquisition of modern aircraft.  The fleet is newer than any other core fleet in…

UK Pilot Comments on Flying the A400M

06/02/2011: In a brief during the Airbus Military Trade media event, the A400M head test pilot, Ed Strongman, provided an update on the status of the flight test program.  Over the past 18 months there have seen significant flight-testing within the program. As of May 10, 2011, 55 pilots have flown…

Osprey Maintenance in Afghanistan

05/29/2011: U.S. Marines of Marine Medium Tiltrotor Squadron 264 (VMM-264) carry out their duties in effort to maintain their MV-22 Ospreys for continued mission readiness to support troops on the ground, Camp Bastion, Helmand Province, Afghanistan, May 24, 2011.VMM-264 carries out a variety of air support missions for the ground…

Maintenance: The Heart Beat of the Logistics

06/02/2011 - Marines with Motor Transportation Maintenance Platoon, Maintenance Company, 2nd Marine Logistics Group (Forward), repair uparmored vehicles for units supporting International Security Assistance Forces Operations throughout Helmand Province, Afghanistan. Credit : 2nd Marine Logistics Group: 4/19/11

General Deptula on the Challenges to US Air Superiority

10/08/2010 - The recently retired USAF chief intelligence officer recently warned of the impending loss of US air superiority. In a presentation to the recently completed Air Force Association annual conference, the General outlined how he viewed the various challenges to US air superiority and how these challenges interacted to…

C-17 Air Drop Mission

U.S. Air Force crew from the 816th Expeditionary Airlift Squadron preparing a C-17 Globemaster III for an air drop mission Credit: U.S. Air Forces Central Public Affairs, September 20th, 2010 10/04/2010 - US Air Force transport aircraft dropped 3,800 container delivery system supply bundles in August to troops at remote…

TRANSCOM on Meeting the Challenge in Afghanistan

During our visit to Transcom in March 2010, General McNabb provided a detailed overview on the challenges in supporting the deployed warfighter in Afghanistan, including supporting the surge ordered by the President.  Although the General did not put it this way, it was apparent that the con-ops approach of Transcom…

This Year’s 14th of July On The Champs-Elysées: “Brothers In Arms” With Africa

Celebrating "Blood Ties" By Murielle Delaporte [email protected] The SLD team was there early to capture the moments before the parade officially started: this video gives a sense of the ambiance surrounding the last preparation before marching from the Arc de Triomphe towards the Concorde. Elements of the joint forces in…