Departing Forward Operating Base Delaram II, Nimroz province, Afghanistan

04/15/2014: The Marines and sailors of CLB-7 were instrumental in retrograding more than 302,000 pounds of equipment and supplies and the last of the Marines and sailors of SFAAT 4-215 back to Camp Leatherneck from FOB Delaram II. Delaram II has been a major USMC base on the border of…

Emergency Refueling Mission

08/28/2013: U.S. Marines with Landing Support Company, Combat Logistics Regiments 2 attach external 500 gallon fuel drums to a CH-53E Super Stallions in Camp Leatherneck, Helmand province, Afghanistan, June 20, 2013. [slidepress gallery='emergency-refueling'] Credit:Regional Command Southwest:6/20/13 The CH-53E Super Stallions conducting an emergency fuel resupply to a forward operating base.…

HIMARS in Operation in Afghanistan

08/02/2013: U.S. Marines with Romeo Battery, 5th Battalion, 11th Marines (5/11), Regimental Combat Team 7 fire rockets from a M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System on Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan, June 1, 2013. Marines with 5/11 are deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.  Credit:Regional Command Southwest:6/1/13

3rd CEB Repairs an Assault Breacher Vehicle

07/14/2013: 3rd CEB Repairs an ABV [slidepress gallery='3rd-ceb-repairs-an-abv'] Credit:Regional Command Southwest:5/23/13 In the first two photos, U.S. Marines with 3rd Combat Engineer Battalion (CEB), Regimental Combat Team 7 and Department of Defense civilians mount a turret on M1 Assault Breacher Vehicle on Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan, May 23, 2013.The Marines with…

Panetta At Camp Leatherneck

03/15/2012:Defense secretary visits service members at Camp Leatherneck [slidepress gallery='defense-secretary-visits-service-members-at-camp-leatherneck'] Credit: 1st Marine Division:3/14/12 In the first photo, Soldiers serving with the Afghan National Army's 215th Corps listen to Secretary of Defense Lean Panetta through a translator transmitting his comments during a town hall meeting here, March 14, 2012. In…

Landing the Shadow

11/092011: Marine Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Squadron 3 Technicians are seen landing RQ-7B Shadows at Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan. The USMC decided against their pursuit of their own MALE vehicle and joined the US Army program.  At the time this decision was made, the USMC started talking to the US Army about…

Operation Black Sand

09/29/2011: This video shows how U.S. Marines with Route Clearance Platoon, 2nd Combat Engineer Battalion (2D CEB) remove an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) on their way back to Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan on August 13, 2011. After Operation Black Sand ended, it was up to Route Clearance platoon to find and…

Marines and UAV Operations

07/15/2011: Marine Cpls. Joe A. Barnard and Aaron H. Gibson,, unmanned aerial vehicle technicians, and Lance Cpl. Randy C. Akaeze - a supply clerk cross training into the UAV technician field, with Marine Unmanned 3, out of Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms, Calif., preparing, launching and recovering…