Getting Ready for Yuma: The F-35 Bs Prepare in Fort Worth

11/19/2012: Over the past few months, the F-35Bs about to deploy to the first USMC squadron at Yuma Arizona have been getting ready to go.  [slidepress gallery='getting-ready-for-yuma'] These photos are credited to Lockheed Martin and show the aircraft getting ready for its transfer to MCAS Yuma. 

The Impact of the F-35B On the Agile Response Group: An Interview with Admiral Scott

10/30/2011  Aboard the USS Wasp during F-35B sea trials, Second Line of Defense had a chance to talk with Admiral Scott, Commander of Expeditionary Strike Group Two.  The navy leadership aboard the WASP made it clear that V-22/F35B tandem was central to the future of the US Navy.  There was…