Evolving Coalition Airpower Interoperability: Bold Quest 14.2

07/04/2014: Shots of various U.S. and German aircraft taking off from Holloman AFB, N.M. in support of Bold Quest 14.2. Aircraft shown: T-38C, assigned to the 96th Test Group, Holloman AFB, Marine Corps VMX-22 Osprey from Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, Ariz., German Air Force Tornado assigned to the German…

The CRG Sets Up in Baltic Exercise

06/27/2014: If you need a rapid runway set up or runway repair, the USAF calls on its unique Crisis Response Group capability. In this video, the 435th CRG is seen landing in Latvia and participating in the Saber Strike 2014 exercise. Credit:86th Airlift Wing:6/6/14 According to the Lithuanian Armed Forces…

BALTOPS 2014: An Exercise in a New Threat Environment

06/23/2014: The Russian seizure of Crimea and continuing direct threats to Ukraine have enhanced concerns for the defense of the Baltic states. Credit: Natochannel :6/16/14 Since 1971, BALTOPS has provided an annual multinational maritime exercise aims to improve interoperability and strengthen relationships between participating nations. The objective is to promote…

Exercise Cold Response

05/24/2014: Shots from roadside staging, Multinational Brigade HQ, and flightline ops, at Harstad/Narvik Airport near Evenes, Norway. Marines from the 2nd Marine Division along with integrated Norwegian military arrive to convoy equipment and vehicles to the training area for Exercise Cold Response.  Credit:American Forces Network Ramstein-Regional News Bureau:3/12/14

Arctic Challenge Exercise

09/29/2013: Compilation of footage from the Arctic Challenge exercise taken Sept. 18 - 20, 2013, on Ørland Main Air Station, Norway.  According to the Finnish Air Force:  The air exercise is part of the Cross Border operations between Finland, Sweden and Norway expanding over the national boundaries. The goal is…

Allies and the F-35: Getting on With It

6/24/12: by Ed Timperlake A recent Heritage Foundation seminar focused on the F-35 and allies. The presentations were by Colonel Kevin J. Killea, 
United States Marine Corps, Dr. Robbin F. Laird, 
Co-Founder and Senior Analyst, Second Line of Defense and Anthony “Lazer” Lazarski 
Military Legislative Assistant, Office of Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK). The…

The Norwegian F-35 Decision: Understanding the Impact of Weapons Integration

6/21/12: by Robbin Laird A key element of the F-35 decision by Norway was the acceptance of the integration of a new Kongsberg missile onto the F-35 itself. Through the development of the Naval Strike Missile (NSM), the Norwegian Armed Forces has established KONGSBERG and other Norwegian industry in the…

Norway Moves Ahead with the F-35

6/15/12: Norway today commenced the largest public procurement project in its history. The event was marked by Minister of Defence Espen Barth Eide authorizing the order for the first F-35A Lightning II for the Norwegian Armed Forces. The decision to move forward was reached following an extended dialogue with the…