Getting On With It: The F35 Gets Ready for Prime Time

With the maturing of the combat systems on the F-35 demonstrated in the maneuver warfare from the sea Bold Alligator 2012 exercise, and the weapons testing about to begin, the F-35 is ready for ramped up production.  4 a month will be produced this summer.  There will be little excuse…

First Catapult Launch of F-35C

Video of the first catapult launch of the F-35C Joint Strike Fighter on July 27 at Lakehurst, N.J. 08/05/2011 Credit: Navy Visual News Service:07/28/2011 For an update on testing at Pax River see And on building the F-35C see

Maintaining the F-35B: Not So Much Of A Learning Curve

On April 21st, 2010, SLD sat down with Gunnery Sergeant Larone Thomas and discussed F-35 maintenance.  Gunnery Sergeant Thomas is in charge of maintenance for the F-35Bs undergoing tests at Pax River and  has recently received major recognition from the service for his capabilities in an annual logistics award.  he…