Australian Minister of Defence Embraces Fifth Generation Warfare Concept


2015-05-11  The Royal Australian Air Force has launched a transformation approach called Plan Jericho.

The Chief of Staff has underscored that for this to work, the entire defense approach needs to embrace change under the influence of fifth generation warfare capabilities.

Apparently, the Minister of Defence agrees with this approach.

In a speech delivered at the end of March 2015, he argued that with regard to the development of the Australian future surface fleet:

The 2015 Defence White Paper, to be released later this year, will provide a costed, affordable and enduring plan to achieve Australia’s defence and national security objectives.

The White Paper is being developed in a considered and methodical manner and will reflect the Government’s strategic, national security, fiscal and broader policy priorities.

It will outline a strategy for securing Australia’s strategic interests in the period to 2035 and beyond.

The White Paper will align defence policy with a clear military strategy and a credible, affordable and properly funded ADF structure designed to achieve that policy:

•     it will set out the strategic objectives that the Government expects Defence to be able to carry out

•     which will be underpinned by a fully-costed Force Structure Review

•     and the Government will ensure Defence is properly funded to meet these objectives.

Most importantly, it will propose options for the force structure that ensure the capabilities that enable modern joint operations, such as surveillance, communications and logistics infrastructure, are robust and resilient.

Succeeding in the future operating environment will depend on more than just high-end capabilities.

It’s the ability to integrate and share information between platforms and systems in a timely manner that will make the ADF a truly fifth generation force and one will give us a distinct edge over many other countries.