Shaping the Future of Italian Airpower

10/12/2015This report looks at the double transition for Italian airpower under the impact of the introduction of the F-35 into the force and the modernization of the Eurofighter. Read more »

Plan Jericho: The RAAF Shapes a Transformation Strategy

10/07/2015This report looks at the RAAF approach to the transformation of jointness as they prepare to introduce the F-35 into the force. Read more »

The Coming of the F-35: The Services and Partners Get Ready

06/03/2015This report looks at the services and the allies as they prepare to introduce the F-35 and to begin to transform their airpower capabilities. Read more »

Integrating Innovative Airpower: A Report from the Copenhagen Airpower Symposium

05/11/2015On April 17, 2015, two of our partners, the Williams Foundation (Australia) and the Centre for Defense Studies (University of Copenhagen) hosted a seminar in Copenhagen on airpower… Read more »

Promoting Nuclear Energy and Non-Proliferation: The Contribution of Kazakhstan

12/13/2014In this Special Report, Richard Weitz looks at the role of Kazakhstan in pursuing and promoting nuclear security. Read more »

The Evolving Future for Naval Aviation

11/12/2014In this Special Report, Second Line of Defense looks at the training for air wing integration and the preparation for the future.   Read more »

European Defense, the Arctic and the Future

06/08/2014In this Special Report, Second Line of Defense looks at the evolving defense and security situation in the Arctic and Northern Europe. Read more »

Australian Defense Modernization: Shaping Capabilities for 21st Century Operations

04/04/2014In this special report, Second Line of Defense looks at Australian defense modernization, notably in the air systems areas.   Read more »