The Baseline F-35

05/04/2012The F-35 represents a new approach to the development, production, system and sustainment of a fleet of combat aircraft. Read more »

Bold Alligator 2012 and the Future of the Expeditionary Strike Group

04/04/2012Bold Alligator 2012 was the largest Amphibious exercise in more than a decade. After a decade of land wars, the “return” of the USN-USMC team to littoral engagement… Read more »

Special Report on Crafting a New Pacific Strategy

11/05/2011As the United States looks forward to the twin challenge of rebuilding its forces within fiscal constraints and ending the priority focus on land campaigns, the Pacific clearly… Read more »

Special Report: Update on Turkey

10/26/2011Second Line of Defense’s Richard Weitz and Fracnk Znaty provide a timely update on Turkey and its role as a crossroads state.  Znaty underscores that the Turkey is… Read more »

National Security Cutter Special Report

09/23/2011This special report on the National Security Cutter focuses on the key role which this capability plays for the USCG and its missions.  The NSC is unique in… Read more »

TACC Special Report

07/06/2011This is the 10th Special Report on Power projection. The TACC provides a unique Command and Control capability which operates the U.S. tanker, airlift and inter-theater medical evacuation… Read more »

Download: 21st Century Air Capabilities

06/11/2011This publication focuses on the Three M’s. In today’s world, the acquisition of aircraft in financially stringent environments favors multi-mission platforms.  The second M is maintainability. New platforms… Read more »

Special Report on the Russian Military

06/07/2011In this Special Report, Richard Weitz provides an update based on a Russian site visit on the Russian Military. Weitz had the opportunity to participate in the firstDefense… Read more »