Visiting 2nd Marine Air Wing, December 2020

01/11/2021I first visited 2nd MAW in 2007, at the beginning of the Osprey era. There I saw a small number of the aircraft on the tarmac and met with… Read more »

Platforms, Concepts of Operations and Defense Decisions: The German Case

08/30/2020With the launch of our defense information website ( , we introduced a micro-site on defense decisions. We wrote: “In this new section of the website, we… Read more »

Visiting Jax Navy and Mayport, June 2020

08/11/2020In this special report, the findings from a recent visit to Jax Navy and to Mayport, with regard to the maritime patrol enterprise are highlighted. Interviews were conducted… Read more »

A Small Ship with a Big Impact: The Aussies Work the Integrated Distributed Force

04/23/2020The Arafura Class Offshore Patrol Vessel is the first of the new build platforms. It provides the template with regard to the entire reset of how the Australians… Read more »

The Coronavirus Crisis: Perspectives and Shaping a Way Ahead

04/16/2020This special report brings together in one publication our recent pieces published on Second Line of Defense and, since the coronavirus crisis became a significant crisis management… Read more »

The 21st Century Fighting Navy: Shaping a Way Ahead

02/12/2020This Special Report focuses on how the US Navy is reshaping its capabilities for the 21st century fight and the key role which Naval Aviation is playing in… Read more »

International Fighter Conference 2019: Special Report

12/05/2019Last year’s International Fighter Conference provided a chance for the participants and the attendees to focus on the role of fighters in what we have been calling the strategic… Read more »

Shaping, Crafting, Building and Operating a Fifth Generation Combat Force

11/16/2019In this report, the major presentations and discussions at the Williams Foundation seminar on the requirements for fifth generation manoeuvre held on October 24, 2019 in Canberra, Australia… Read more »