Special Report on the Amphibious Ready Group

05/09/2011For our 9th special report in our future of power projection series we discuss the evolution of the Amphibious ready group.  There is no clearer example of how… Read more »

Hypersonics Special Report

04/11/2011In our 8th special report in our Future of Power Projection Series, Professor Lewis provides an overview and assessment of progress in shaping US hypersonic capabilities.  Lewis highlights… Read more »

Download: Middle East Crisis Special Report

03/07/2011This special report focuses upon the potential role of the US military in the current Middle Eastern crises.  Notably, the role of the Amphibious Ready Group or ARG… Read more »

Download: AMF JTRS: Shaping a Collaborative Warfighting Enterprise

03/02/2011The report is our 7th in our Future of Power Projection Series and is entitled AMF JTRS: Shaping a Collaborative Warfighting Enterprise Read more »

Download: Delivering Energy At the Tip of the Spear

02/28/2011This Special Report, which is the second in our Future of Power Projection, is provided by the Honorable Bill Anderson.  The report provides an xamination of how to… Read more »

Download: Shaping a Collaborative Maritime Strategy for the Pacific: The USCG Role

02/19/2011This report looks at the evolving USCG role in the Pacific. The USCG is the centerpiece of US government operations in maritime security in the Pacific. This report… Read more »

Download: The Emergence of a 21st Century Concept of Air Operations

02/19/2011The evolution of 21st century air operations is unfolding under the impact of a new generation of aircraft and a significant shift in the role of air operations… Read more »

Download: ECATS: Pioneering Outsourcing in French Pilot Training

02/19/2011The Cognac-Châteaubernard French Air Force base was at first a military airfield created in 1938 (...). Besides its historic legacy, what makes BA709 unusual though is the integration… Read more »