F-35 2.O: Introducing the Concept

09/13/2018The F-35 is being stood up as the next generation aircraft for the USMC, USAF, US Navy and for several key allies. It is coming into service as… Read more »

The Nordics and the Strategic Shift

05/25/2018The Russian seizure of Crimea and other aspects of its global activism have had a significant effect on the Nordics. The Nordics are working mores closely together to… Read more »

The Strategic Shift from Counter-Insurgency and Stability Operations: High Tempo Ops, High Intensity Operations and Deterrence

04/26/2018Since 2014, the Williams Foundation has held a series of seminars, which have looked at the nature of military transformation enabled by new platforms, new technologies and new… Read more »

North European and North Atlantic Defense: The Challenges Return

12/01/2017The Nordics are responding to what they see as a new situation in their region. The Arctic opening expands the range significantly of the challenge in what might… Read more »

The Future of Electronic Warfare

09/13/2017This special report looks at the future of electronic warfare from the perspective of the participants in a Williams Foundation seminar on the subject. Read more »

The Maritime Services and the Kill Web

09/04/2017This special report looks at the emergence of the kill web from the perspective of the maritime and air forces. Read more »

Leverage Allied Investments and Combat Learning Experience in Modernizing the U.S. Military

08/09/2017As the US looks to develop new capabilities, a key way to accelerate modernization is embracing foreign capabilities. Read more »

Designing the Integrated Force

05/05/2017This special report looks at Australian thinking and efforts to design and shape an integrated force. Read more »